Design Process

With a talented design staff, Vacker is committed to excellence in design development, ensuring that every panel design reflects an appropriate image and identity for its site.

While clients are encouraged to select a preferred sign shape, color, and express a desired “look” or style at the outset of the design process, every panel is custom designed to achieve the proper proportions, elements, and type styles. Virtually any font, logo or design element can be incorporated into our signs.

Vacker offers both flat routing and dimensional V-groove auto-carving. V-grooved copy and elements add dimension and a look of distinction. Additional colors can be achieved with the use of resin color-fills. Complex logos and graphics can also be achieved with use of a logo insert.

In this case, a “pocket” is routed-out to accept a separate panel insert. Our insert panels utilize a premium quality protective over-laminate, ensuring excellent resistance to vandalism and the elements.

Designing a Sign


Flat Routing and Dimensional V-groove Auto-Carving


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