Design Services

You define the message and we’ll do the rest. Our professional design team can create a panel layout with your provided copy, photos, illustrations and logos. While we’ll take care of the design and file preparation, we believe that client interaction is paramount to the successful design and implementation an interpretive panel project. Although every project is unique, a typical project involves multiple interactions such as the following:

1. Client submits proposed panel content (copy, images, illustrations, logos etc.). Vacker reviews and provides comment related to overall effectiveness of the intended message and quality of images, illustrations, logos etc (check for word count, adequate image resolution, file types etc.).

2. Client provides input regarding the desire for any particular “look” for the panel(s). Input regarding fonts, color palette and format is welcome in an effort to evoke the spirit of the subject matter as well as the unique nature and character of the setting where the panel will be located.

3. Vacker provides a proposed draft layout of a single panel. Based on client comment, panel layout is revised accordingly. Once the layout of a single panel is approved, subsequent panels are designed and submitted for client review and approval.

4. While all panel content should be edited and approved by the client and any/all of its stakeholders prior to content submission, client reviews panel layouts for final edits, corrections and revisions prior to final layout approval.

5.  Vacker revises panel as requested. Client reviews and approves panel layouts and authorizes panel fabrication.

Contact us for our “Guide to Planning your Interpretive Project” for assistance in getting started on your project.