Standard Frames

exhibit-frames-1Angled Mount Frame with Sleeve for Lumber Post(s)An angled frame welded to a sleeve that fits over a recycled plastic lumber or wood 4”x4” post. The pre-drilled holes in the sleeve allow the frame to be secured to the post by thru-bolt.

exhibit-frames-2Flush Mount Frame for Lumber Post(s)The Flush Mount Frame attaches to the face of a customer-supplied recycled plastic lumber or wood post. The frame includes a “post protector” bracket that serves to protect the top of the post from weathering.

exhibit-frames-3Upright Frame for Lumber Post(s)The upright frame attaches to the sides of customer-supplied recycled plastic lumber or wood posts with lag screws. An upright base is well suited for regulatory, map and directional related graphic panels or bulletin cases. Uprights can be configured to accommodate single or multiple display units.

exhibit-frames-4Wall Mount FrameThe Wall Mount Frame includes brackets welded on the backside of the frame which allows the frame to be slightly off-set from the wall mounting surface. This accommodates uneven surfaces and allows for the removal of one rail of the frame for panel insertion after the frame has been mounted. Before ordering, please review your installation location for sufficient clearance and designate which of the 4 side rails is to be removable. exhibit-frames-tab4

exhibit-frames-5Rail Mount FrameThe rail mount frame is adapted to mount to various rail systems. Bracket configurations are available for various rail materials and shapes, including metal, wood, round, square or rectangular.