Mounting Options

Routed plastic signs can be mounted and supported in a wide variety of ways. Several mounting methods are shown here. When utilizing a side-mount method, posts can be “slotted” to accept the insertion of a panel extension as also shown below.

Vacker does not pre-drill panels as this is best done in the field. Clients should consider their geographic location and associated footing requirements when determining required post lengths.

Expansion and Contraction

HDPE plastic sign material will expand or contract in response to temperature fluctuation. It is recommended that Installation designs compensate for an expansion rate of about .03” per foot, or .25″ over an 8′ length.

The material should be allowed to move freely. It is suggested that holes be drilled oversized by .125”-.25”. Any bolts / fasteners should not be overly tightened and provide for free movement of the panel and prevent cracking.

Slotted Post Mounting Methodslotted post method

Flush Mounts


Side Mounts



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