Trail Signs & Markers

northfield trail postVacker offers trail markers fabricated with 100% recycled plastic lumber posts and TUFF panel inserts. The posts have a tapered top, routed dado and routed pocket to accept a single panel insert on one, two, three or all four post sides. Reinforced with fiberglass, the posts will not rot, twist or warp. The TUFF panel insert is mechanically fastened in the routed pocket and can be customized to include such information as a park / trail name, agency or park district name, contact information, SEGD national recreational symbols, prohibitive symbols, mile markers and directional arrows.

Posts are available in a 4″x4″ (true), 4″x6″ (nominal) and 6″x6″ (nominal) at a suggested length of 7′. ¬†Clients are asked to provide a rough sketch with desired content for each sign panel insert version to serve as a resource during the design process. Orders are subject to a minimum of five posts.

RPL trail marker







All SEGD National Recreation symbols are available. Download our symbol library here